HUNZA VALLEY-Best Natural Places To Visit in Pakistan

“Mountain Kingdom”

About Hunza

Hunza valley is one of the major tourist attractions in Pakistan. It is the real natural beauty of the world. It is situated in Gilgit Baltistan at the north of the Hunza River. The total area of Hunza is about 7900 sq km. the beauty of the valley can be imagined with the fact that it is surrounded by the snow capped mountain peaks like Ultar Sar, Rakaposhi, Hunza peak, Passu peak etc. All these peaks are 6000 meters or higher. This would be the real joy for people who love mountains to reside the place like Hunza. You feel like that you are the part of a fairy tale. You can rightly say that this place is like a fairy tale land. The main town of the valley is Karimabad.

History & Geography

Hunza was a declared princely state till 1974. Princely state means an Indian state or native state. This princely state was later on dissolved by the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was the prime minister of Pakistan at that time. The oldest settlement of the valley is the village of Ganish. Hunza remained an independent state for more than 900 years. Then the time came and British invaded the Hunza and Nagar valley and gained control of the valley between 1889 and 1892, which ended with an intensive military engagement in the valley. The ruler of the valley was called Thum which means prince.Geographically at the south of Hunza there is Gilgit Agency and to the east there is another princely state Nagar. Geographical facts narrate that the Hunza valley had been the easy route to enter the Swat and Gandhara. This valley provided an on foot track for the visitors to enter the Swat and Gandhara many centuries back. It was not possible to cross the area by boarding on animals. The difficulty of the track can be easily understood by the fact that the path was just 20 inches wide.

Amazing Scenery & Generous People

Pakistan is rightly said a tourist paradise. It has small valleys which are full of sweet fragrance of the alpine flowers. Among the other sites the Valley of Hunza has an eye catching and stunning beauty. This valley is surrounded by snow capped peaks, beautiful flowers, friendly and hospitable people. The visitors of Hunza are welcomed by the fragrant breeze which gives a musical sound when strikes with the trees of poplar. The beauty of the valley is extinguished with the wheat fields which give the look of smooth and soft carpet at the bottom of the snow covered mountains. The valley has most magnificent mountains of the world like Rakaposhi which is 7,788 meters high. Baltit fort and Altit fort represents the historical signs of this beautiful valley. People of Hunza valley are the followers of Prince Karim Agha Khan for which they are called Ismaili Shia Muslims. Main town of the valley, Karimabad is named on the name of Prince Karim Agha Khan. Karimabad is a natural beauty in itself. This place has spectacular scenery that must be seen. It would be interesting to know for the readers that literacy rate of hunza is about 90%.