BASANT FESTIVAL – pakistan – india – best spring festival

In this age of science and technology, people have started race for their survival in thesociety and to move with the pace of the time. This trend has shortened the time of thepeople for their recreation and entertainment. In this situation the only entertainmentremains the religious and social festivals. Basant or Vasant is a famous festival inthe Indian sub-continent. This is also called kite festival. In the early time it wasn’tconsidered or celebrated as festival but now it has become a big festivity in India andPakistan.



Basant means a festival at which kites are flew and people enjoy. Basically it isan Indian festival. This festival is celebrated on any date between January and February.In Sanskrit language Vasanta is one of the six seasons and Panchami is the fifth dayof Magh which is a Hindu month. There are some parts in sub continent where Basantis celebrated as most auspicious festival than any other like Ferozepur in India. As thespring starts the festivities of Basant are get started.

The Basant festival is celebrated at the end of the winter season and at the start of thebeautiful spring season. It says good bye to winter and welcomes the spring in whichflowers are blossom and birds sing sweet songs. Basant is marked as the first festivalof the year so everyone tries to make it memorable and joyful. It is celebrated alloverIndia with great enthusiasm. People from all of every age enjoy the festival withoutgender discrimination. Specially boys, girls and children show more enthusiasm. at thisday people get up early in the morning and offer their holly rituals. After their sacredobligations, the festivity begins. Boys, girls, men, women and children wear yellowcolour dresses.

People buy the kites and strings in big quantity. Yellow colour is the signof auspiciousness and spirituality. The colours are not ended here; even food is colouredyellow with saffron. Different kind of sweet dishes are prepared and are exchanged withthe relatives specially Kesar Halva which is also in yellow colour. The people are gottogether and sing the sweet songs of spring. In India the day is dedicated to GoddessSarsvati who is the the Goddess of knowledge and learning.

The festivities of Basant festival are celebrated in Pakistan in their full swing. LikeFerozepur, Lahore is the centre point for the entertaining activities of Basant. Initially thefestival was celetrated in the outer sides of the city then it got more attention and becameone of the most important festivals in the city. Other than the city of Lahore there aresome other cities like Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Jhelum, Kasur and Rawalpindi/Islamabad where Basant is celebrated with great attraction. Same like India people wearyellow dresses, prepare foods for different taste but the colour it is tried that the colourof the dish must also be yellow.

Although the festival is celebrated allover Pakistan butLahore is famous for its Basant festivities in the world. The city of Lahore is now suchfamous that Indian stars from film industry also take part in the festival.During last few incidents of injuries and deaths has badly affected the festival.
The festivities of the festival and the colours of the spring invite you to come and enjoycherish and delightful voices of the people with joy.