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Deosai National Park Pakistan (House Of Brown Bear)


House Of Brown Bear

House Of Brown Bear

Imagine the Beauty

Just give a dive in the world of imagination and fanaticize a place where there is a vast lush green grass field, surrounded by high mountains and peaks covered with snow, with a beautiful crystalline lake in the midst. There are flowers of hundreds of kinds.. This is not just imagination. It’s the real beautiful world. What you have to do, just to visit DeoSai. This is an incomparable and unmatched beauty of the nature among the other beautiful places of Northern Areas of Pakistan. With out any doubt the Northern Areas of Pakistan are said to be the paradise for tourists. Northern areas of Pakistan have the world’s highest peaks and mountains and a wide range of vast glaciers. This beauty is beyond the imagination.

Deosai Plains Pakistan


Among all these there is the world’s 2nd highest plateau called DeoSai. It  is about 13500 feet high above the sea level. Total area of DeoSai is about 3,000 sq/km. This area remains covered with snow about eight to nine months during a year. The highest peak of DeoSai is Shatong which is about 16,000 feet high.

The Scenery

The real beauty of Deo Sai is its lush green grassy prone and the browsing yaks and long haired goats in the background. There is a vast lush green grass field and the beauty of scene is extinguished with the river in the midst. Grass field is full of beautiful colored flowers that will glare your eyes. The flowers are so beautiful and in such a big quantity that you can spend a whole day looking at these flowers. DeoSai is surrounded by the peaks which are covered with snow. When the sunlight strikes with these snowy peaks, these peaks bedazzle like gold. At night when the sky is clear and the stars gleam, it gives very soft romantic feelings.

The highest point of DeoSai is Chichor Pass. When we look below from this highest point, we see a vast lush green grass field. At the end of this grass field there is a lush green prone. At the end of the prone you will find the peaks covered with snow.

Wild Life

DeoSai is also famous for Brown Bears. Such kinds of bears are near to evanish. Now there are just 30 brown bears in DeoSai which were in hundreds few years ago. Besides these bears, Marmot (a kind of rabbits), Wolf, Red fox, Ibex are also found there. Some migrated birds like Golden eagle, Beard eagle and Falcon are found there. In 1993 the DeoSai was given the status of National Park.

Bear And Marmot Of Deosai

Some Bear And Marmot At Deosai

Lakes & Rivers

There is a lake in DeoSai. This lake is called Sheo Sar. This lake is about 12,677 feet high. It is considered one of the highest lakes in the world. When water jounces with the banks of the lake, it gives a sweet melodious sound. Trout and snow carp fish are found in this lake in large quantity. The water of lake is so crystalline that the stones of different colors and trout fish can be seen easily.

At some distance from the lake there is a river called Kala Pani (Black Water). This unique name is due to black stones at the bottom of the river. Another river is Bara Pani (Big Water). It is the largest river ofDeoSai.

Wild Flowers Of Deosai

Some Snap shot of mother nature in Deosai

Most Interesting

It would be very interesting for the readers that Deosai is a NO TREE zone. You will not find a single tree inDeosai. The reason is that at the height of more than 12,000 feet, trees don’t grow. That’s why the birds have to build their nests on the ground.

What the tourists must know?

The people who are planning to visit Deosai, they must know that there is nothing available to eat or to reside. No hotels or motels are there. Tourists must carry tin pack eatables and raw food with them. They must have wood or gas log with them to cook. People who want to visit must carry water proof tents and hurricane lamp for light in the night. A mosquito killer is very useful there.

Here are some video’s of Deosai National Park Pakistan Watch and enjoy them also try to arrange your next visit of House Of Brown Bears to see this beautiful place with your own eyes.

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